What's a Saluki?

What's a Saluki?

北京快3在线计划At SIU, the saluki is a collective spirit that defines our culture in our hometown and in the hearts of our proud alumni. Oh, and a saluki is a dog, too.


student working

This is where we work. This is where we learn. This is where we create. This is where we achieve.


football team

北京快3在线计划This is where we come to play. This is where we bleed maroon.  

北京快3在线计划Being a Saluki means more than going to class, attending athletic events and hanging out on campus. It means dedicating yourself to your passion. It's a lifelong designation that starts you down the path of success.

International students
Science student
child development student
Automotive Student
test student

Be a Part of this.

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